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Ultrasonic Dog Trainer and Control Barking

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  • Made of high quality plastic material, tough and durable.
  • Bright color and stylish design make it a great decor.
  • The ultrasonic design can effectively train your dogs to be obedient and stop some unwanted behaviors, such as barking, digging, chewing and more, also they are harmless to both humans and pets(You can know more details in the user manual).
  • Can also used a effective repeller to prevent you from dog attacks.
  • Great training tool to correct your dogs' behavior, prevent you from dog attack.


  • The item can give you soft and comfortable using experience and it is not too big so it is very convenient to carry.
  • Double channel super design has strong ability to drive dog.The device contains double head that can train dog, drive cat,laser that can drive snake and lighting are in one body with elegant appearance which is convenient to carry for the handy wrist.
  • APS plastic material and design according to the scientific measure with the S arc hand grip is more convenient and light.Every one can operate it easily.
  • With super red laser and flashing white light, It may cause blindness to the pet eyes and use it prudently.
  • Our Pet Trainer send out powerful ultrasonic and infrared laser role can effectively drive 20 meters of the dog
  • The portable design can solve the carrying problem,you can take it to travel with your dogs and train them whenever and wherever you like.
  • Package Include:
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Training Tool For Dog
  • Size:14 cm/5.51*6 cm/2.36"*3 cm/1.18"

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