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Baby Announcement Ideas


Here's a list of the top baby announcement ideas you can share on a letter board:

#1. Playful Baby Announcements for Boys


 To recreate this baby announcement, all you need to do is check out our Black Letter Board and head to the Kids Toys section to buy some toy cars for only a couple of dollars. This graphic works well if you or your partner really love cars, work in the auto industry or love driving.

  #2. Baby Girl Announcement Ideas



Within a baby's first two weeks of life, they're super flexible. It allows them to create these really adorable and unique poses in photos. You can try to recreate this look at home by using a basket, a scarf, flower petals, a throw and this pink square letter board. Or you can head to your local baby photographer to capture this look for you.

 #3. Cute Pregnancy Announcements


 This pregnancy announcement couldn't be any sweeter. This look is easy to create too. All you need is a patterned wrapping paper, a black letter board and a prop. You can change the look of it to suit an it's a girl pregnancy announcement too.

 #4. Summer Pregnancy Announcement

 Those giving birth at a certain time of year can use seasonal props to share the baby's seasonal arrival. If you're giving birth in the fall, you can decorate your photos with leaves. If you're expecting a Christmas baby, you can decorate your photo with Christmas props. To recreate this look, all you need is our pink letter board, a light colored wrapping paper and some props from the store

#5Birth Announcement

 You can introduce him or her to everyone on social media with a letter board announcement. To recreate this look, you'll need this grey letter board, a blanket or bed sheets and your baby.  You can use slogans like 'Meet Baby Ross,' 'Here's Emma' or 'Meet the newest (your last name).'

You can also use these boards to for your pets , or House announcement,etc.

 It's a life-long gift for yourself.

 Which of these baby announcements is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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